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Registered office: Königswinter
Managing Director: Mark Giszas, Frank Giszas
Commercial register: HRB 9406 Amtsgericht Siegburg
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Copyright: As long as there are no rights of third parties, we reserve all rights for the texts and graphics - also preferably - on all sides of our Internet presence. Copying or reproduction (including printing on paper) of the entire Internet presence or parts thereof without our express written consent is only permitted for the purpose of placing an order with Giszas GmbH. We expressly dissociate ourselves from the content of all pages linked to the pages of our website and do not adopt these contents as our own. This declaration also applies to all links on the pages of our Internet presence.
On our websites, anonymized data are collected for optimization purposes and stored temporarily in order to improve the offer of this website. Cookies are used for this service, which enable the visitor to be recognized but can not be assigned to anyone. They merely provide information about the technologies used (browser, resolution etc.) and the frequency of visits.

Note to the Packaging Ordinance (no legal advice!):

Since the beginning of 2009, various topics concerning the disposal of "sales packaging" have been regulated by law and have been partly clarified. The term "sales packaging" also covers all trays of paper and plastic, which are filled with the purchased goods as "service packaging" for the end user in the shop.
The person who submits a "service package" to a private or commercial end user for the first time must participate in a system which can ensure a comprehensive withdrawal of these sales packaging.
In addition to the costs for the licensing, which are dependent on the packaging volume, a declaration of the service packaging quantities delivered to the final consumer must be submitted to the disposal company at regular intervals.
On the following websites, you can find out about companies that offer comprehensive disposal according to the 5th amendment of the Packaging Ordinance (the list does not claim to be complete):
If you do not want to license yourself, you can alternatively commission us to take over the licensing for the products sold to you. In this case, we will charge you the applicable fees and then take them to a disposal company of our choice. Obviously, we confirm the proper removal of charges on the invoice so that you can prove your obligations.
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