Labels with logo (printed digitally)

PRESTIGE labels, digitally printed

Digital printing works very much like printing photos: Your label will be printed in 4 colours (pantone or CMYK) on a white background. This will give you the original colours and appearance of your logo - including colour graduations and shades. 

The standard material that we use for digital printing is always a white, thin and glossy PE foil. For example, if your logo is green, we will print 100% bright green on the white material, so that the label background appears to be bright green. Other materials (e.g. mat paper) are available on request, for technical reasons, all materials must have a smooth background. All materials with textures, e.g. linen paper, can not be printed digitally.

It is also not possible to print metallic/shiny colours digitally. Gold and silver colours will be simulated with cream or grey shades, similar to gold or silver printing in magazines. Should you wish textured material, metallic/shiny colours or labels with a detachable bottom part, we recommend to choose our hot stamp printing technology.

Our digitally printed PRESTIGE labels are produced on roll/s in a practical dispenser box, normally with 1000 labels per roll.

Our standard label forms:
Click here for a summary of all standard label shapes:
  • oval shapes
  • round shapes
  • rectangular shapes
  • square shapes
  • free form shapes
Original sizes as printable PDFs:
Oval/round shapes:
Rectangular/square shapes:
Free form shapes:
You did not find your favourite shape? No problem, just let us know and we will send you a quotation for your individual label shape that we will produce with our state-of-the art laser cutting tool.

Your prices, sorted by price groups:

(The above summary on the different label forms show which label size belongs to which price group.)
Price group 1

1000 labels: 69,90 EUR
3000 labels: 39,90 EUR
6000 labels: 29,90 EUR
12000 labels: 19,90 EUR

(all prices are per 1000 labels)
Price group 2

1000 labels: 79,90 EUR
3000 labels: 44,90 EUR
6000 labels: 34,90 EUR
12000 labels: 28,90 EUR

(all prices are per 1000 labels)
Price group 3

1000 labels: 89,90 EUR
3000 labels: 54,90 EUR
6000 labels: 44,90 EUR
12000 labels: 39,90 EUR

(all prices are per 1000 labels)
Price group 4

1000 labels: 99,90 EUR
3000 labels: 69,90 EUR
6000 labels: 59,90 EUR
12000 labels: 51,90 EUR

(all prices are per 1000 labels)
Setup charges (for your first order or for a later order with changes, regardless of label size and order quantity): 39,00 EUR

You need:
  • higher quantities?
  • larger formats?
  • special formats?
  • several layout variations?
  • special roll diameters or specific number of labels per roll?
  • special label materials?
Please let us know, we will be pleased to send you an individual quotation!
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